Are you tired of having to remember to pay dues every month? Well, Hulk sure as hell is tired of hounding you for them. Why not push this button and let the magic of PayPal handle them for the rest of time*. This will set up a recurring monthly charge of $40 to whichever payment method you set it up with (instructions on PayPal’s site). No PayPal account necessary.

  1. Push the button below.
  2. follow the instructions as they come up.
  3. Science!

The button above is intended to help league members easily manage their monthly dues, if you are not a league member you probably should not have found this page. Still, if you’d like to donate $40 a month to a great men’s derby league we certainly won’t stop you.

* No seriously, this’ll take the cash out of your account every month forever if you don’t remember to turn it off.


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