St. Louis GateKeepers Roller Derby was founded in 2009 by two male flat track derby referees who craved a piece of the action that the women of their respective leagues had been enjoying for years. On the drive home from a regional men’s scrimmage in Sioux City, Iowa, Magnum P.I.M.P. and Bat Wing agreed that it was time for a fully established men’s team in St. Louis. After some careful planning and a meeting with over a dozen interested skaters, the GateKeepers took the track for their first practice in November of 2009. The league has been growing ever since.


When in the course of events it becomes necessary that a group of people whom no longer are satisfied with simply the title of fans to act in their best interests, we declare the right to create an organization from which we can pursue our own happiness. No longer are we content to simply watch the beautifully aggressive women of roller derby have all the fun. We can no longer sit idle on the sidelines of a derby bout as passive spectators. We desire more. We crave the speed and force of flat track roller derby. Our appetite can only be satiated by the thrill of contact and the exhilaration of competition. Now is the time for the men of the St. Louis GateKeepers Roller Derby league to lay the foundation for a new era in flat track roller derby, a foundation that may be built upon for years to come.

Above all, the GateKeepers believe: by the players; for the players. In this statement, we stand by the creed of D.I.Y. We strive to create a league that is supported not only by its members, but also by the love and assistance of the St. Louis community. And in time, we hope to reciprocate that care and support by becoming an active part of the community that will stand beside us in our rise to local and national greatness.

While we seek to recruit team members who have a history of hockey, skating, and sports, we welcome all who are willing and dedicated. We are looking for men who want more out of a sports team. GateKeepers come from all different walks of life – we are your salesman, your students, your computer programmers, your perfectly content and your rabble-rousers searching for exhilaration. But heed warning: do not join us if you seek money or fame, for you will find neither here. The only trophies we lust for are jerseys soaked in sweat from exhaustion and the hard earned, multi-color bruises that document our dedication. Join us for the challenge; join us to become a part of a family that will welcome your voice, your ideas, and your participation; join us for yourself.

We, the GateKeepers, are unanimous in our commitment to creating a flat track roller derby league that is, above all, operated solely by its team members and free from outside influences and pressures. We desire to become a separate yet equal organization to our sister league, the St. Louis Arch Rival Roller Derby, who have gone to great strides in establishing the legitimacy of roller derby in this great city. The GateKeepers recognize and appreciate their accomplishments. Together, we can create a sport that is not limited by gender — open to all who long for the excitement of flat track roller derby.

To this we do declare.