Other derby leagues from around the nation

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MRDA Member Leagues*

Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) Leagues are confirmed to be skater owned and operated, feature male-only teams, actively bout/scrimmage as a team and train/play by the most up-to-date MRDA rules.

*listed by order of admittance into the MRDA

Other Men’s Roller Derby Leagues

The following leagues have indicated their interest becoming MRDA Member Leagues, but have not yet fulfilled their requirements and been accepted.

  • Benton County Derby Demons – Springdale, AR
  • Tuscon Gunslingers – Tuscon, AZ
  • NorCal Men’s Roller Derby – Redding, CA
  • Mountain Mad Men – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Rollin Bones Mens Roller Derby – Denver, CO
  • Brevard Area Men’s Derby – Brevard County, FL
  • South Florida Men’s Derby – Miami, FL
  • Atlanta Men’s Roller Derby – Atlanta, GA
  • Casco Bay Gentlemen’s Derby – Portland, ME
  • West Michigan Rolling Militia – Hastings, MI
  • Cenmo Men’s Roller Derby – Columbia, MO
  • Ithaca Gunshow – Ithaca, NY
  • Salem Men’s Roller Derby – Salem, OR
  • Austin Anarchy Men’s Derby – Austin, TX
  • San Antonio Men’s Roller Derby – San Antonio, TX
  • Blue Stone Roller Derby – Harrisonburg, VA